Today, for both manufacturers and consumers, it is important to share in the global conscious effort of sustainable practices. YOMA Textiles shares the desire to progress, through technological advances, toward minimizing the impact on our environment. Currently we offer many "green" fabrics, and will continue to develop new fabrics that are environmentally and socially conscious.

Solution Dyed Fabrics have environmental advantages because of minimal polluting factors throughout production. Dyes are absorbed at an early stage in the manufacturing process, with no water needed, and thus no water pollution. YOMA Textiles features several fabrics that share this attribute.

Marais, and Matsu, are constructed of 100% BASF Nylon, constructed using environmentally safe manufacturing practices. Also, this fabric has a very long life span, receiving over 200,000 double rubs, reducing the need for additional manufacturing to replace deteriorated fabric.

Recyclable Fabrics can include anything that is constructed completely of one fiber. Today, recycling programs are being created for many types of fibers. Our 100% Wool fabrics, Ankara, La Rive, and Vendome, are easy to recycle. We are also proud to announce the development of a recycling program for fabrics constructed of 100% Sunbrella Acrylic - YOMA weaves Marseilles in Sunbrella.

It is also common for mills to collect their selvage and warp remnants for recycling, thereby reducing industrial waste. YOMA Textiles is proud to work with mills that have adopted this practice. The next exciting step is when a fabric is constructed utilizing this post-consumer and post-industrial waste. YOMA Textiles is pleased to offer fabrics that share this environmentally progressive quality. Mockingbird and Hummingbird are faux suedes that are made without harmful chemicals (unlike other man-made suede), and 100% of its polyester content comes from recycled post-industrial and post-consumer sources. Irise is also now constructed of 100% recycled polyester.

Lastly, the origin of resources is of utmost importance - it is paramount to minimize the depletion of precious materials that cannot be replaced. YOMA offers a number of fabrics that are comprised of 100% Rapidly Renewable Content, including: Ankara, Lyon, Sienna, Vendome, and La Rive, (OEKO-TEX Certified). In addition, LEED Standards award credit for fabrics that have any amount of renewable content - these fabrics can be found on our "Green Matrix". This matrix does also explain how all of the aforementioned patterns may contribute to LEED Certification.

Thank you for sharing our interest in sustainable fabrics. In specifying these fabrics, we are able to find the support needed to continue a quest toward design sustainability and an overall contribution toward minimizing the global footprint.

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